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Donald Trump plans to declare North Korea a state sponsor of terror

  • President says move is part of US ‘maximum pressure campaign’
  • US officials cite killing of Kim Jong-un’s half-brother at Malaysian airport

Donald Trump has announced that the US will designate

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CBS suspends Charlie Rose after sexual harassment and groping allegations

  • Veteran TV host and journalist, 75, accused by eight women
  • CBS suspends Rose in wake of news and PBS halts distribution of show

Charlie Rose has been suspended by CBS News after becoming the latest media figure to be accused of sexual harassment when eight women came forward to describe unwanted advances, including lewd phone calls, parading naked, and groping their breasts, buttocks or genital areas.


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AT&T’s Time Warner takeover: justice department aims to block $85bn deal

AT&T has already signaled it will go to court if the deal is blocked, potentially setting up one of the biggest legal battles over a corporate merger in decades

The US Department of Justice on Monday moved to block AT&T’s $85bn takeover of Time Warner, one of the largest media deals ever announced.


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Second woman comes forward to say Al Franken inappropriately touched her

Lindsay Menz, 33, said the senator grabbed her buttocks in 2010 while the two were posing together for a photo at a state fair in Minnesota

A second woman has come forward and accused Al Franken of inappropriately touching her, this time since he took office as senator from Minnesota.

According to

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Call to stub out on-screen smoking in French films

Injecting morality into films is ‘like pouring cola into a Château Lafite’, one critic of idea declares

The French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo spent almost an entire film – the 1960s classic À Bout du Souffle (Breathless) – with a Gauloise dangling from his lips. Audrey Tautou portrayed the designer Coco Chanel pinning haute couture dresses while smoking. Jacques Tati was rarely without his pipe and Brigitte Bardot, Jeanne Moreau, Catherine Deneuve, Gérard Depardieu and Alain Delon all puffed their way through decades of movies.

Hardly surprising then that a call for French directors to stub out smoking on screen has been greeted with a mix of disbelief and outright ridicule. It has also prompted the existential question: what would French cinema be without the cigarette?

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Turkish LGBTI activists condemn ‚illegal‘ ban on events in Ankara

Authorities’ move follows ban on a festival of German-language gay films in Turkish capital

Rights groups have condemned as illegal and discriminatory a ban on LGBTI events in the Turkish capital one week after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan described empowering gay people as being “against the values of our nation”.

The Ankara governor’s office

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Jacinda Ardern or Trudeau’s wife? New Zealand PM regrets ‚yarn‘ about Trump

As reports circulate that Donald Trump may have been confused about Ardern’s identity, she says she won’t share backstage stories again

New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, has expressed regret over gossiping about a meeting with Donald Trump after it was reported the US president may have mistaken her for Justin Trudeau’s wife.

Ardern was visibly uncomfortable

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EU to push for 40% quota for women on company boards

Proposals from European commission would compel businesses to positively discriminate when hiring new executives until quota is reached

The European commission is to push for a quota for women on company boards to address the slow progress to gender equality in the senior ranks of publicly listed businesses.

Under the proposals, companies whose non-executive directors are more than 60% male would be required to prioritise women when candidates of equal merit were being considered for a post.

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Family of detained Briton Laura Plummer apologise to Egypt

Relatives express gratitude for ‘fairness’ justice system has shown towards woman accused of trafficking painkillers

The family of the detained British citizen Laura Plummer have issued an apology to the Egyptian government.

Speaking to the Guardian, Plummer’s sister Rachel presented a statement on behalf of her family. “I would like to place on record our gratitude for the fairness and just manner the Egyptian justice system has shown Laura,” it says.

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The haves and have-nots: four cities in crisis

On the surface, Ulaanbaatar, San Francisco, Calais and Jerusalem could not be more different – but for the people squeezed out by political upheaval or prohibitive rents, the urban 21st century looks disturbingly uniform